Carlin on conservatives, abortion, and the war on women

I can’t say it any better than George Carlin did. He’d have had a thing or two to say about the war on women. In fact, he pretty much covered it with this monologue.

George Carlin, war on women

This Saturday, April 28, join a march or rally near you and protest the ongoing war on women’s reproductive rights and freedoms. Remember in November. You will be voting, won’t you?

For those who prefer to hear it straight from the source:


R.I.P. George. You were always my favorite.

8 thoughts on “Carlin on conservatives, abortion, and the war on women

      1. No, I’m sure he didn’t. I think he probably thought society would improve. Probably a good thing he’s not here now to witness the insanity. Although… he’d have a helluva lot of material to use. Especially this election.

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