Right to Lifers: You can’t make this stuff up

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Yesterday the Huffington Post ran a story about Planned Parenthood clinics being targeted by suspected members of an anti-abortion group (Live Action) hoping to obtain (or fabricate?) video showing illegal activities. Not to be missed was this declaration from National Right to Life President Carol Tobias, who is concerned about sex-selective abortion in the US:

“In 2010, more than 9 out of 10 PPFA’s services going specifically to pregnant women were abortion. Roughly half of those abortions are performed on unborn girls. That’s the real war on women.” [emphasis added]

Really!? And this intellectual powerhouse is their president! Doesn’t she realize roughly half of all babies conceived are female and therefore the law of averages says roughly half of all abortions will be females?

This Saturday, April 28, there will be rallies across the country to protest minds like this and the legislation driven by them. Find one near you and tell these people how you feel about their turning back the clock on science, research, medicine, law, and women’s rights. This idiocy cannot stand!

12 thoughts on “Right to Lifers: You can’t make this stuff up

  1. As much as I’d like to see the protests do some real good, what I’d really like is for someone to figure out how to broadcast what these idiots say right back at them – immediately after they say it so there’s no time for the “spin” machine to get going!

    1. Doubt that would help. Obviously this woman has zero grasp of science, logic, math, statistics, etc. If you parroted this remark back to her, she’d probably say “See what I mean? They’re deliberately aborting baby girls!”

      1. You’re probably right PT. I so wanted to include, but could not find, a link to a post someone did on an invention very similar to what I described. But that was designed more as a way to make someone in your face stop talking altogether, and I’m not sure what effect it would have in a public speaking environment. Like you said though, it probably wouldn’t work anyway. But it sure would be fun to watch! 😀

  2. There’s no passion like religious passion. I wonder if they might ponder from time to time the puzzle: Why, if abortion is such a horrendous crime in the eyes of God, does He tolerate the massive scale of sex-specific abortions going on in Asia, and specifically in China and India?

    1. Or why, if it’s a sin, does He tolerate any abortion at all? But these people aren’t the sort to go pondering much of anything. It’s a cinch you won’t get any pondering from a woman who thinks that 50% of all aborted fetuses being female is proof there are sex-specific abortions going on in this country!

      I’m afraid I have no patience for the willfully ignorant.

  3. Hi. There was a research study published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal (April 16, 2012) recently looking into the extremely high numbers of boys being born to immigrant families in Ontario you might want to look at…

    “A study released today in the Canadian Medical Association Journal confirms previous research showing that the male-to-female ratio for third-born children to women born in India and living in Ontario is higher than the natural rate.”
    “The new study… found that the third-child births of Indian-born women were at a ratio of 136 boys to 100 girls. [snip] In comparison, third children of Canadian-born mothers in Ontario were born at the ratio of 105 boys to 100 girls, which is considered about normal for the worldwide average.”
    “The analysis also showed South Korean women in Ontario delivered 786 boys to 653 girls as second children.”

    The study doesn’t give reasons for the discrepancy, but sex-based abortion is considered the likely cause. The researchers even found ads in Indo-Canadian newspapers for American companies willing to test the embryo in its earliest stages so parents would know if it were a boy or girl — which is illegal in parts of Canada.


    1. I know it’s a common practice in some countries and their nationals would likely continue it if they could in a new country. What gets me is Tobias thinking a 50% abortion rate for females is anything other than absolutely normal and expected.

      1. Any statistic a politician hands out is either cooked or they’re using it out of context. Even for China 50% is (might be) a dumb number, and Tobias could never find non-creationist fantasy research to back up her stats in relation to American abortions. But in Canada you’ve got a first world nation — one of the best educated, richest countries on earth — with a (relatively) large second and third-world population (China, India, SE Asia) who think aborting a girl is not only a right, but the right thing to do. So, it definitely does exist, and the numbers of aborted females to males — at least in this country — is high enough to be alarming.


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