Shootings spoil hometown Thunder celebration

6 thoughts on “Shootings spoil hometown Thunder celebration”

    1. It was no big deal nationally, since stuff like that happens all the time after sports events. Why, I don’t exactly understand. Mob mentality and the anonymity of a large crowd, I guess. But I guarantee the people in and from OKC aren’t used to it. It was scary to hear about.

  1. It is very sad when mindless violence frustrates a sporting event. My countrymen have a terrible reputation abroad for orchestrated violence accompanying football games: it has taken police a long time and a lot of hard graft to get them under control.

    1. Had a long conversation about this with my son (he’s a huge football/soccer fan). The only difference we could see between your (European) hooligans and what happens here is yours are usually inside the stadium and ours are usually out on the streets. As for why they do it, we could only conclude, as I noted above, it’s the opportunity, the relative anonymity of a large crowd, and mob mentality. Even so, at the root, it has to be people who want to cause trouble, destroy things, hurt others, etc. And I can’t abide people like that. Stupid, mindless, pointless violence and destruction.

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