Analysis of the toilet seat dilemma

This tongue-in-cheek item was brought to my attention this morning — “A game theoretic approach to the toilet seat problem.” It may be of some interest to those of you sharing an abode — and a toilet — with a member of the opposite sex. If you can understand the math, that is.


11 thoughts on “Analysis of the toilet seat dilemma

  1. Okay, after that exhaustive (and exhausting) analysis, I’m still left with the same question I’ve had all along: With men (or boys) in the house, shouldn’t a woman be happy to find the seat in the “up” position? Having lived with other males, I tell ya I was always suspicious when I found the seat down! 😉

    1. Personally, I was never bothered by finding the toilet seat up except during the night! That point was addressed late in the analysis. If I find the toilet seat up during the night (and particularly if I discover it the hard way), somebody is going to pay! The analysis considers that men sometimes use the seat in the down position, so I would not be particularly surprised to find it that way.

      1. Although the aging process has definitely shown me that things can and do change, I (thankfully) haven’t found the seat up “the hard way” as of yet! 🙄

  2. I recently read an AARP article about futurists’ predictions and one of them was that toilet paper will disappear. Instead, everyone will use a bidet. If this is right, this dilemma is going to disappear. On the other seat, however, futurists are almost always wrong. 🙄

      1. I’ve never used one either. Or even seen one. And after reading all the instructions, I’ve no real desire to meet one. It does sound like the U.S. is lagging behind much of the world in adopting bidets, but they all think we’re a bit uncultured anyway.

      2. P.S. I can’t imagine the bidet “blow dry” being any more effective than the blow dryers for hands. They’re a nice gesture, but they don’t work well enough to justify their existence.

      3. Mak & PT: After reading the bidet instructions I have a strong suspicion that I would probably end up plastered to the ceiling with scalded “sensitive areas”. I think I’ll pass for now. 😆

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