Rain in Denver

It smells like hope

Rain in Denver

Rain! This is as pretty as Denver has looked in what seems like forever. Spotty rain, heavy at times, along with lightning and gusty winds — a mixed blessing. But it’s a start. Click to embiggen.

Colorado Springs got very high wind gusts with very little rain. Denver has gotten some rain, but has no fires. Boulder got both rain and lightning. Fort Collins and the nearby High Park Fire are getting rain along with flash flood warnings, since the blackened slopes won’t hold any water. Still, everything is a lot cooler, a lot more humid, and it smells like … hope.

10 thoughts on “It smells like hope

      1. Now THAT I’d like to see! Do I sense a “viral video” in your future PT?!?! 😆

        BTW you sneaky devil you, it’s SO freaky to get a comment reply from a post I didn’t remember commenting on! 😯

  1. Been watching channel 9 streaming news. The evacuation footage rivals the hurricane marches here.- last night’s news sounded encouraging. Like you say it will take years to recover – and soil conservation will be critical. But worry about that later – now just cheer the progress! Thanks for the update. (and we peeps are waiting for that dance video…)

    1. Channel 9 is my favorite. They always seem to have the best video and photos and reader-friendly website. Denver Post does pretty well too.

      No video! Nope. Not gonna do it. But is sure is fun to have peeps 🙂

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