Mugly, World's Ugliest Dog 2012

Unlikely look-alikes

Mugly, World's Ugliest Dog 2012
Mugly, World’s Ugliest Dog 2012

I just came across this photo of the winner of the 2012 World’s Ugliest Dog competition. His name is Mugly and he’s a Chinese crested from England.

I was instantly — instantly — reminded of Hector Salamanca in the TV series “Breaking Bad.” What do you think? Here’s Hector, aka “Tio,” played by Mark Margolis:

Hector Salamanca, "Breaking Bad"
Hector Salamanca, “Breaking Bad”

7 thoughts on “Unlikely look-alikes

    1. Definitely a Yoda-like hair thing going on. I only thought of Hector because I watched the end of Season 4 less than a week ago — although it is kind of hard to forget that face.

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