Curiosity and a Martian sinkhole

9 thoughts on “Curiosity and a Martian sinkhole”

  1. What an excellent clip! Thanks, PT!

    This looks like another good engineering step in autonomous robotics, but still far from the self-awareness that’s really needed when the unexpected happens. (Let’s hope a big sink hole doesn’t open up under the Rover just as it lands – it would look like a road-runner cartoon!) I’m still impatiently waiting for the development of Asimov’s positronic robot brain.

    1. I won’t be content with robots; I want to see plans for a man on Mars. Meantime, the robotic explorers are exciting and I’ll be cheering like mad if this complex Curiosity landing is successful.

  2. Pretty cool. To bad they have to waste the landing rockets through. I’m pretty sure that thing isn’t landing nicely somewhere. If we didn’t have to worry about the dust cloud, we could use it to “jump” the rover from place to place on the surface, but maybe that’s not necessary to cover long distances, and there’s always the fuel cost to consider – the weight of it. I hope this works. I don’t want to hear, “yeah, it’s been twelve hours and we still haven’t received a signal.”

  3. Thanks for posting about this! I’d completely forgotten about this mission. That crater sort of looks like something you’d see in the snow.

    1. I’m not sure I’d even heard of this mission before seeing a few news reports about the upcoming landing.

      I first saw the photo as a cone projecting up from the surface. Reminded me of a chameleon’s eye. Weird.

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