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Cafferty, guns, and the campaign

Jack Cafferty
Jack Cafferty

Jack Cafferty just read my comment on CNN. It was in response to his commentary and question:

In light of the Colorado shootings, what kind of role should gun control play in the presidential campaign?

If you scroll down through the comments, you’ll find mine:


The insanity has to end. Your right to own a gun is no greater than my right to go to a theater without fear of getting shot by a heavily armed psycho. Both candidates should come down hard on the side of greater gun control!

Susan R
Denver, CO

With a little luck, the website will soon be changed, as it has been in the past, to show which comments were read on the air. I was so startled I forgot to watch whether mine was the last one he read. It’s always seemed to me he saves the best for last. Or maybe he picked mine because I’m in Denver and I’m mad as hell.

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