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Harley-Davidson motorcycles

I first came across this list on the Comcast website, although it appears they borrowed it from 24/7 Wall St. “Ten Surprising Products Still Made In America.” I would quibble that it’s not the products that are surprising but the fact that they are still made in America. Mostly. But it’s more important to just recognize and applaud the companies. I understand we are in a global economy these days and, dammit, the companies that stay in America and employ Americans deserve recognition.

1. Intel chips — Intel Corp., Santa Clara, Calif.
Intel still makes more than 70% of its microprocessors in the U.S., although it sells more than 75% of them overseas. They are currently building a new state-of-the-art semiconductor plant in Arizona, scheduled to open next year. The plant will employ thousands of American (hopefully) workers.

2. PyrexWorld Kitchen, LLC, Rosemont, Ill.
Sold by Corning to World Kitchen in 1998, the glassware company is still based in the U.S. and employs about 2,700 workers.

3. Oreck XL — Oreck Corporation, Duluth, Minn.
One of the nation’s top vacuum cleaner manufacturers, Oreck still produces its Oreck XL model at a plant in Cooksville, Tenn.

4. Post-It Notes — 3M, St. Paul, Minn.
Invented by a 3M employee and first sold in 1977, the ubiquitous sticky notes have been manufactured in Cynthiana, Ky., since 1985.

5. Weber grills — Weber-Stephen Products LLC, Palatine, Ill.
Weber grills have been made in the United States since their invention in Mount Prospect, Ill., in 1952. All but one of latest models are still manufactured in Palatine, Ill.  Although Weber uses globally sourced components, 98% of its workforce was still located in the U.S. in 2011.

6. KitchenAid mixer — Whirlpool Corp., Benton Charter Township, Mich.
Although parent company Whirlpool is cutting and exporting many jobs, the popular KitchenAid mixer is still manufactured at a plant in Greenville, Ohio.

7. Harley-Davidson Motorcycles — Harley-Davidson, Inc., Milwaukee, Wis.
Founded in 1903, the iconic Harley-Davidson faces stiff competition from Japan. But the all-American company has four major factories in the U.S. — two in Wisconsin , one in Missouri and one in Pennsylvania. The company holds about half the market share in the U.S.

8. Sub-Zero refrigerator — Sub-Zero, Inc. and Wolf, Inc., Madison, Wis.
The world’s first free-standing freezer was invented by Sub-Zero Freezer founder Westye Bakke in the basement of his home in 1943. The company was acquired Wolf, Inc., the world leader in professional cooking equipment, in 2000 and employs more than 1,000 Americans in plants in Madison, Wis., Phoenix, Ariz., and Richmond, Ky.

9. Spanx Products — Spanx by Sarah Blakely, Atlanta, Ga.
Blakely’s slimming undergarments were invented in 2000 in Atlanta and most are still made in the U.S. The company employs 125 people and manufactures about 36,000 items every day.

10. Duraflame Fire Logs — Duraflame Inc., Stockton, Calif.
In 1968, pencil manufacturer California Cedar Products Company found it could recycle sawdust by mixing it with petroleum wax to make fire logs. By 1986, Duraflame, Inc. became independently owned and operated, employing a total of 250 Americans in its Stockton corporate office and manufacturing facilities in California and Kentucky.

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