Curiosity lands on Mars! Way to go, NASA!!! (screenshots)

11 thoughts on “Curiosity lands on Mars! Way to go, NASA!!! (screenshots)”

  1. NASA’s reputation for robotic exploration was riding on the success of this mission, all the eggs in one basket, and it looks like a home run so far. Excellent. I’m looking forward to some good photography – with 17 video cameras there should be a steady stream.

  2. My congratulations to both NASA, for an incredibly difficult task being done so well, and to you PT, for putting this great post together as quickly as you did. I must admit that I let my extreme excitement turn to frustration when I had a hard time finding those first images sent back by Curiosity!

    1. Find them? Heck no, I shot ’em on my lil laptop while I was watching the festivities. You should see the “litter” of screenshots on my desktop! I just picked out a few of the best and was really glad my screenshots of NASA’s webcast of Curiosity’s feed turned out. I did end up staying up rather late trying to be among the first to get them all posted …

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