Month: September 2012

Cassini captures Saturn

NASA’s Cassini orbiter captured this view of Saturn on June 15, from a distance of about 1.8 million miles (2.9 million kilometers). The rings’ shadow runs across the planet’s sunlit side. The speck in the lower left corner is Enceladus,… Read More ›

May the best debater win

With the presidential campaign’s first debate occurring next Wednesday in Denver, we are reminded of incidents that were decisive in previous debates — none of them relating to policy or knowledge of government. Politico has run a story, “10 great… Read More ›

Alpine snowman

I’ve a habit of checking all my favorite webcams at around sunset. Never know what I might see. A few minutes ago, instead of a sunset, which would have been behind this east-facing camera anyway, I saw this. Someone up… Read More ›