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Jon Stewart to debate Bill O’Reilly on October 6

(Updated, Sept. 17, 10:30 pm MDT)

Politico is reporting this evening that Jon Stewart and Bill O’Reilly will “debate” one another next month in “The Rumble in the Air-Conditioned Auditorium.” The event will run 90 minutes and will be live streamed online on moderated by CNN’s E.D. Hill. No date was announced, but I’ll be watching for it. This is going to be good!

Huffington Post is now reporting the debate will be on October 6 at 8 pm ET. There will be a fee ($4.95) for the livestream, with half the proceeds going to charity. HuffPo has a video of O’Reilly announcing the debate, and Stewart has also made an announcement from mac data recovery.

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