Endeavour’s last journey (time lapse videos)

It took two days of some pretty fancy driving to move Space Shuttle Endeavour from LA International through the streets of Los Angeles to the California Science Center 12 miles away.


The team
Matthew Givot http:matthewgivot.com
Joe Capra Scientifantastic.com
Chris Pritchard chrispzero.com
Brian Hawkins hawkinsvisuals.com
Andrew Walker 599productions.com
Ryan Killackey RyanKillackey.com

Special Thanks to
Dee Kymar bestwestern.com/airparkhotel
Michael Anderson tankfarmclothing.com/

Music Credits
Bradford Nyght Pantheon 2 themusicbed.com/#/Pantheon-2-1097.php

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And from the LA Times:


6 thoughts on “Endeavour’s last journey (time lapse videos)

  1. Wow! That is something I never thought I would see… the Space Shuttle going down city streets, through a neighborhood, and being chased by people. Thanks so much for posting these.

    1. thought for sure it was going to hit the house in the picture. Can you imagine standing on that balcony with that wingtip passing just a couple of feet away? Talk about trust in the operators …

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