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O’Reilly-Stewart debate had humor, substance

Bill O'Reilly and Jon Stewart
Bill O’Reilly and Jon Stewart

I was one of the lucky ones last night; I saw the Bill O’Reilly – Jon Stewart debate. It was live streamed to viewers who paid $4.95 for access, with the money to go to charity. Unfortunately, a lot of servers reportedly crashed and many subscribers didn’t get to see the event. I logged in about 15 minutes early to make sure I got to the right place before the debate started and that may have made the difference. I note with some disappointment today that Slate has posted the video of the entire event; those of us who paid to see it promised not to copy or recirculate it.

The 90-minute debate was certainly more interesting than the recent Obama-Romney debate. There was less humor than I’d hoped for, and more substance. Two men at opposite ends of the political spectrum managed to discuss major issues for an hour and a half without getting unpleasant about it. They disagreed agreeably. Are you listening, Washington?

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