Lincoln was ‘socially hypergamous’

Just learned a new word: hypergamous. In the History Channel’s program “Lincoln,” Gore Vidal describes Lincoln as “socially hypergamous.” Sounds like something Vidal would say. Anyway, according to Wikipedia, “Hypergamy (colloquially referred to as ‘marrying up’) is the act or practice of seeking a spouse of higher looks, socioeconomic, caste or status than oneself.” Yeah, yeah, I know, you’ve used the word every day since you were a kid …

15 thoughts on “Lincoln was ‘socially hypergamous’

          1. And that of course is the real point, PT and IMA. There is a big difference between the technicalities of law and the moral judgement of history, the former being only a subset of the latter. Eh?

  1. Given Abe’s looks, given that he was said to have a gait like a workman’s and a high-pitched voice, I would say he didn’t have to look too hard to be successfully hypergamous. And given the pictures I’ve seen of Mary Lincoln, he didn’t – Sally Fields looks stunning in comparison. IMHO.

    However, I don’t share IMA’s obviously-Confederate opinion about Lincoln’s “crimes”. Signed any secession petitions lately there, IMA?

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