Social Security sell-out

Just a note to my older readers: President Obama promised to protect our Social Security and Medicare benefits. Instead, he has voluntarily added the “chained CPI” to his concessions to the Republicans. Over time it will reduce our SS benefits and is a violation of his promise to us. I urge you to call or write him and your Democratic representatives in Washington today to protest this sell-out. (One easy way to send an email to all of them is

7 thoughts on “Social Security sell-out

  1. Can’t believe any of them. (Some promises about colleges and school funding already quietly shoved aside, too)
    Here’s something interesting: The AP wrote in June 30, 2011 “Older Workers Could Face Cost Disparities in Health Law Glitch”

    1. Well, I always have thought they did a half-assed, slip-shod, chewing-gum-and-bailing-wire job with the ACA. Like everything else they do, they’ll be addressing glitches and oversights and screw-ups for years … or not.

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