Month: January 2013

Losing a loved one

I stumbled onto a wonderful, wise website last night,, and in particular, their articles on dealing with death, what to expect when someone is dying, what to do and not do, what to say, etc. It’s not something any… Read More ›

Cherries in the Snow

No, it’s not a recipe. It’s the shade of red Revlon nail polish and matching lipstick that my mom wore without fail through the ’50s while I was growing up. That polish, lipstick, and Chanel No. 5 cologne will forever… Read More ›

How to sell yourself online

I have no idea what constitutes a great résumé these days, but I’m guessing Philippe Dubost’s Amazon look-alike résumé has garnered several good job offers by now. His website has been getting hammered since Mashable did a story on it yesterday,… Read More ›