Webcam offers great new view of Longs Peak

19 thoughts on “Webcam offers great new view of Longs Peak”

  1. Wow, what a gorgeous view! I commend you on the climb too. The 70s is about how far I’d have to go back just to find the energy to even think about doing something like that! 😀

    BTW, you link goes to the image. I’m assuming you meant it to go to the webcam?

    1. The image links to my file image. (I should probably change that.) The link in the text goes to the webcam view, which would be very similar if you looked at it soon after I posted this. If you check it again, the lighting should be different (and you should see a little bar at the top with current time, temp, etc.). For best viewing, you need to look in the morning, while the sun is on the face.

      1. Sorry PT, but both the image and the text link still bring up the larger version of the JPG image shown. I even cleared my browser cache just to make sure I was seeing the modified page! 😯

  2. Longs Peak is beautiful from any angle, but this is so much better. Can’t wait to catch climbers on The Diamond… and the Alpenglow. Sometime, would you write about your climb, please? Making the summit is still a dream of mine! (boulderfield twice & winds too strong to go on)

    1. I’d love to bore you with the story sometime, as best I can recall it. You know how memory works; things tend to get changed or forgotten. I know I’ve mentioned it here a couple of times in passing, but I don’t think I ever tried to retell the whole story. Figured I’d bore everyone.

    1. I do so love my webcams! I still miss the old controllable Tundra Cam that Colo. Univ. had up in the high country. The website is still up but the camera hasn’t been operational for several years. I used to use it to watch storms and sunsets, hikers and wildlife.

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