Biance at Obama inaugural

Biancé lip-syncing scandal rocks mainstream media!!

Did Biancé lip-sync the national anthem at Obama’s inaugural Monday? Frankly, I don’t care. She looked and sounded fabulous. Besides, it’s not like I paid for a ticket to a Biancé concert or something. I didn’t even watch the inaugural. But for those who do care, an article on Slate, “Beyoncé Wasn’t Lip-Syncing,” is pretty convincing. Then again, I don’t know diddly about singing and can’t carry a tune in a basket.

The media have devoted an incredible amount of time to this ridiculous lip-sync controversy, most of it just ignorant speculation. Such is the pathetic state of our media reporting these days. It’s possible they’ve devoted more time to Michelle Obama’s bangs, but I wouldn’t bet on it.

5 thoughts on “Biancé lip-syncing scandal rocks mainstream media!!

  1. I think that whatever Biancé did, or did not do, is her own business. Ditto for M.O.’s bangs. Whatever.

    I often wonder if the media dwell on these non-relevant stories just to chase off anyone who thinks. I get so tired of hearing about the trivial that I tune out all the rest of the news as well. Appeal to the sheeple, get rid of the thinkers– and suddenly reporting the news is a whole lot easier. And profitable, I suppose.

    1. All too often there isn’t anything else, so you aren’t missing anything. They focus on the trivial to the virtual exclusion of anything else. And, as you say, it’s easier and more profitable to have two talking heads looking at clips and talking about singing and haircuts than it is to put trained investigative reporters in the field or send them round the world to do in-depth reporting on critical issues. And in a dumbed-down America, the trivial stuff probably draws a lot more viewers anyway. Sad commentary on both the media and our priorities.

  2. The whole “drama” was ridiculous. Often the producers of whatever the show or event is what someone to lip sync. I wouldn’t be surprised if that is the case here. Never know what could happen live. Hit a wrong note, who knows. Just so long as she sang the recording, then it doesn’t matter. Like you side, this isn’t a live Beyonce concert. That would be a completely different story. The Pres enjoyed it and that’s what matters.

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