Detail from Acosta's "Crayons"

Thank you, ‘Crayons’ readers

Detail from Acosta's "Crayons"
Detail from Acosta’s “Crayons”

As my post about Gamma Acosta’s “Crayons” mural reaches the end of its rotation on Freshly Pressed, I’d like to thank readers for their overwhelming response. It was gratifying to see so much interest in this remarkable piece of street art and so many thoughtful comments. They reassured me that my initial reaction was no fluke. Thanks, too, to all of you who, after coming to Pied Type, decided to subscribe or follow the blog. Acosta’s work will be a tough act to follow, but I’ll do my best.

Normally I reply to most comments on Pied Type, but with the “Crayons” post I tried to stay in the background. I didn’t want to influence your thinking one way or the other. I hope no one interpreted that as disinterest on my part; usually I can’t wait to add my two cents. Not replying was a struggle.

To those who reblogged the post, thank you for sharing it with others. While I generally frown custom flash drives on reblogging, I thought this was a special case.

Finally, thanks again to WordPress for bringing attention not to my post but to Acosta’s mural. We must never forget what happened at Sandy Hook.


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        1. Yes, everyone in my son’s family has been sick this week. I hope I don’t catch anything from them. Got my flu shot (the extra strong version for seniors) back in September or October, but I’ve read mixed reviews about its effectiveness.

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