Denver snow, Feb 24

Denver snow brings same old question

Denver snow, Feb 24
Ben Verlander shovels snow from the sidewalk in front of his home in Denver today. “It’s really not that cold out,” Verlander said of his decision to wear shorts while shoveling. (Photo: Seth A. McConnell, The Denver Post)

Hurray! It snowed today. A lot. It was snowing when I got up this morning, it snowed all day, and it’s expected to keeping snowing until midnight or so.

The main roads are reasonably clear, but slick. The side streets will be a mess for several days. Every plow in town was sent out this morning. It’s the biggest storm of the season. And no one is complaining. We need the moisture desperately. Besides, it’s Sunday. Nobody had to get to work today. And the kids might get the day off tomorrow.

I have several drifts in my yard approaching three feet in depth, blown into place from an overall snowfall of maybe 9-10 inches.

Now, I have a question for those of you living in the Snow Belt. Why do people like my neighbors — several of them — go out before the storm is over, while the snow is still coming down almost horizontally, and clear their walks and driveways? Why don’t they just wait until the snow stops falling? Is it easier to clear 6 inches of snow twice than 12 inches of snow once? Unless you have to get out right now and go someplace, why wouldn’t you just wait? (You can probably tell I haven’t shoveled a lot of snow in my life.)

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    1. I know. And for that, I apologize. It won’t be pretty when it hits my relatives in Oklahoma City, either. They tend to get more lingering ice than dry snow.

      I think I’ve told you I spent a couple of winters experiencing lake effect snow on the shores of Lake Ontario. Ugh.

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