It’s fladry vs wolves in Oregon

5 thoughts on “It’s fladry vs wolves in Oregon”

  1. Very interesting. I’ve become somewhat out-of-touch about predator-livestock questions since moving from Utah to Michigan. We now, however, have some controversies because wolf numbers have increased quite a bit in northern counties. It would be great if the nonlethal control methods prove effective in the long run and are exported to other parts of the country.

    1. While I was following the fights over wolves in the west, I was hearing about how many wolves there were in Michigan, Minnesota, and elsewhere near the Canadian border, and no one seemed overly concerned about them. I just assumed, perhaps erroneously, that there were far fewer ranchers there whose herds were being attacked. Are the controversies in Michigan based on livestock kills? Deer and elk kills? Threats to humans?

  2. Some involve agriculture–worries about livestock kills–sheep and cows. Some worries, probably unfounded in my opinion, are being expressed by people who are concerned about deer kills. The most worry, though, seems to be coming from the other direction. The state wants to start up a limited hunt, and friends of the wolves are dead set against that.

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