US Men's National Soccer Term plays Costa Rica in Denver

Denver gets snow and US men’s soccer win in same evening

US Men's National Soccer Term plays Costa Rica in Denver
US men’s national soccer team plays Costa Rica in Denver (Photo: Byron Hetzler, USA Today Sports)

Snow came to Denver Friday night. So did the US men’s national soccer team, seeking a win over Costa Rica to stay in the running for next year’s World Cup. As you can see, it was not your typical soccer game. Footing was bad, visibility was bad, it was cold, the wind was blowing, and it was snowing — hard. While the players were at one end of the field, groundskeepers wielded snow shovels at the other end, trying to keep sidelines, midfield line, goal lines, and penalty box lines cleared.

It was quite the spectacle and aired on ESPN if you were interested. I watched from the comfort of my couch and worried the whole time about my son, his wife, her mother, and the two grandkids at the game, sitting in the stands with about 19,000 other rabid fans, all of whom were turning into snowmen and popsicles because they weren’t running around like the players.

The game was almost suspended at one point, but after some discussion, play continued. The alternative was to pick up where they left off tonight in a game tomorrow (Saturday) afternoon. Not a great plan since the snow is expected to continue through tomorrow. All the players wanted to continue, so they did. At least the discussion gave the groundskeepers a chance to get a little ahead.

Everybody who attended got a US team scarf (the “terrible towels” of soccer), so there will be souvenirs from this unusual game — deemed “historic” by many analysts.

Oh, and the best part, of course — the US won, 1-0.

Postscript, March 26, 2013: Costa Rica filed an appeal with FIFA two days after the game, saying that because of the weather conditions, it should be replayed. FIFA dismissed the appeal today.

(More photos at USA Today. Photo gallery at Denver Post.)

Tough conditions for soccer fans
Tough conditions for soccer fans (Photo: Dustin Bradford, Getty Images)
Clearing the lines while the game continues at the far end of the field
Clearing the lines while play continues at the far end of the field (Photo: Dustin Bradford, Getty Images)

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    1. It looked for all the world like an American football game — except it wasn’t. I don’t recall ever seeing a soccer game in any weather worse than a light rain.

  1. Erm guys…..Soccer is a world game. And as such many many countries have snowy matches. Ponder the poor wee Scots or perhaps Russia, Ukraine etc etc. In fact many countries have to take winter season breaks to avoid the worst of it 🙂

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