Equality House

Equality House brightens WBC’s neighborhood

Equality House
Photo: Vivian Mosier

You might not want a house like this next door to you. You may have an HOA that would run these folks out of the neighborhood. You’re probably cringing, or maybe laughing, just at the sight of it.

But I find I’m extremely fond of this house. You see, it’s directly across the street from the Westboro Baptist Church in Topeka, Kansas. Isn’t that a hoot? Those hatemongers are being given a taste of their own medicine by one Aaron Jackson, who just couldn’t restrain himself when, in a Google Earth street view, he saw a For Sale sign in front of the house. He bought the house six months ago and the painting will be completed today. Jackson saw this as the perfect opportunity to get involved in gay activism.

In addition to the colorful paint job, Equality House, as it’s known, sports an industrial-size flagpole flying an appropriate flag.

The house is in a residential area where most of the homes are owned by WBC members. Jackson says he’s met Shirley Phelps, WBC spokesperson and daughter of founder Fred Phelps, and that she seemed quite affable.

I wonder how long the friendliness will last after WBC members get a good long look at their neighbor’s new paint job.

For much, much more on this story, plus more pictures, see the Huffington Post.

Equality House
Photo: Carol Hartsell
Westboro Baptist Church
Westboro Baptist Church (Photo: Wikipedia)

25 thoughts on “Equality House brightens WBC’s neighborhood

  1. Paint and fabric are quiet. Still a definite message.
    The people shrieking their beliefs loudly in grieving families faces – should quietly reflect on appropriate behavior.
    Hope someday tolerance for the beliefs of others – even if they differ from yours – becomes a reality.

    1. Unfortunately, I expect no tolerance from WBC. In fact, I’m afraid they’ll probably make living in this house extremely unpleasant. I’m sure the occupants expect and will be prepared for the backlash.

          1. Whatever happens, or doesn’t happen, it will be interesting. Yes, I pity the cops, but it’s about time Topeka had to deal with its own instead of watching WBC in action somewhere else.

  2. Beautiful house! And good on them for sticking it to the WBC. In Sydney, Australia recently they painted a pedestrian crossing rainbow colours for the Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras. It was awesome

  3. That’s awesome. Now, about home security. Cameras will be needed. Web cams with live feeds might be nice, recorded too, of course, on a remote server. Motion activated floodlights that come on when anyone approaches the house, and/or whenever the streetlights outside go off for any reason (like a rock). Plan for projectiles. In particular, I’d expect black paint or something like that. Expect intruders to have their faces covered. Personally, I’d go with automatic motion-tracking paint ball cannons with rainbow colored paint balls that activate whenever the alarm goes off and pepper anything moving around the exterior of the house. What a fun project!

    1. Cameras might actually catch something actionable. I’d love to see some real charges leveled at these people (WBC, that is) and made to stick. And rainbow paintballs would be perfect! There’s something that would stick, even if the law won’t.

  4. LOL. What an appropriate response to the disgusting WBC activities. Hope the red markings on the WBC sign are not graffiti. That’s not the way to respond. But painting a house across the street certainly is A-OK.

    1. I can’t tell what the red paint on the WBC sign says, but it does look like graffiti, doesn’t it? As you say, not the way to respond. But a neatly painted little rainbow house across the street, perfectly legal and peaceful. If it irritates WBC even half as much as it pleases me, it will be wonderful.

  5. johnthecook…What does the “Equality Act” really mean? Please read (ICYMI) Rand Paul’s exchange with President Biden’s Nominee over Transgender Treatment for Kids. I think it drives a sharp dagger knife into the heart of the First Amendment of Our Constitution. What person in their right mind would allow their child to be followed into a bathroom or Locker Room (athletic or otherwise) by any one who thinks their maker made a mistake with their birth gender? It reminds me of a sheep in wolves clothing. The habitual criminal could say the same thing about their actions, so why am I being locked up? Please be advised, Doctors do NOT know everything for sure, and that is way it is called a “PRACTICE” and not a science.

    1. While I think every human being deserves respect regardless of their gender identification, I’ll admit the restroom thing is a conundrum. About the only solution I can see is single-person restrooms or dressing rooms. I’m not worried about criminality so much as just personal privacy. Doctors, by the way, do not make the ultimate decisions about gender assignment. The patients do.

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