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Equality symbol popular as SCOTUS debates

Marriage equality symbol from Human Rights Campaign

This is the marriage equality symbol being used by the Human Rights Campaign to promote same-sex marriage. Reportedly it is sweeping social media while the Supreme Court is hearing arguments for and against the issue. People are replacing their profile pictures and avatars with the symbol.

Judging from opinion polls and news over the last ten years or so, gay rights have made huge strides toward acceptance in our society. Whether the movement has reached critical mass and can get the Court’s approval for same-sex marriage remains to be seen. The Court has many options, many degrees of approval or disapproval, and won’t be handing down a ruling until June. What that ruling will be is anyone’s guess at this point.

To me it’s pretty simple. Same-sex marriage in no way threatens or diminishes my right or anyone else’s right to marry. And I think it’s unconstitutional to deny a specific group of people the legal benefits of marriage. It’s time to legalize and protect same-sex marriage nationwide.

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