Spectacular lightning strikes Grand Canyon’s rim

17 thoughts on “Spectacular lightning strikes Grand Canyon’s rim”

  1. Isn’t this amazing? Looks really otherworldy. Rockies have some pretty impressive lightning, too…don’t like to see it while on the trail.
    Storms headed this way sometime between Thur -Sat….must run dog a lot until then!
    Enjoy the rail

      1. Rain dancing! avoid tall objects?
        Used to love to be in cabin in mts when it stormed…trails, not so much)
        Appreciate the cooler clouds here, but hope some of that rain gets here – it may all go straight east and stay north of us. (running dog, just in case)

  2. What a fantastic image PT! I’ve got a bunch of lightning images I use for desktop wallpaper, and that’s gonna make an excellent addition to that set! 😀

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