Another spate of ‘compliments’

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  1. Good grief PT. I guess I got lucky, for the moment at least, because I’ve yet to get such “high quality” spam. But I know that, sooner or later, their little bots will key onto my blog too… 😯

    1. I wouldn’t be surprised if I’ve somehow made myself a target by ranting so much about spam. On the other hand, maybe I’m just prettier than you 😉

  2. Spamming is HUGE business and sadly I see many bloggers are approving and posting it on their blogs. This does of course mean a negative impact on the blog’s authority and page rank.

  3. Just to help people better understand spam, Akismet learns. By marking spam as spam, the information goes into the database and updates as people add more spam references. It doesn’t need to fix its algorithm. You help by marking spam as spam.

    Spam annoys us all. It is part of the painful part of blogging. Just know this. You are not alone. It’s not personal. You are not being targeted (Honestly, of the billions of websites in the world, do you think they think you are special? 😀 ). A large majority of spam is generated by humans which can outwit any protective actions you take, which is why Akismet works so well. It learns and is not dependent upon quizzes, CAPTCHAs and other torture techniques.

    Shutting off comments will not stop comment spam. That will only stop comments. There are no tricks other than using a tool like Akismet, and if you are self-hosted I would add the Bad Behavior WordPress Plugin. uses a similar feature, blocking comment spam before you ever see it.

    Be smarter than the spammers. Every time I mark comment spam as spam, I don’t get upset or take it personally. I say “DIE SUCKER” and send it to the great virtual database where others are sending their spam. This prevents that spam from hitting millions of others using Akismet.

    We have to work together on this. It’s a team effort. I just wish someone would come up with such an easy way to deal with the rest of the evil in the world. One click does it. 😀

    1. Akismet is now 16 spams smarter than it was this morning. But it was highly unusual for this many spams to get all the way to moderation (instead of going straight into the spam bin). That’s why I’m thinking Akismet’s algorithms might need some work. If I had not been requiring that commenters have previously approved comments, these 16 would have been posted at about 4 am local time, meaning they’d have been displayed on Pied Type for approximately 6 hours before I got to them. I’m grateful to have had the tools that kept that from happening.

  4. An afterthought: Be aware that spammers will also try to set up links via trackbacks (by reblogging your posts) and by commenting on individual images in your galleries/slideshows. Akismet guards these for you. Spammers also create links through Likes and Follows; we have no way to delete those, although we can disable Likes.

  5. I’ve been seeing a jump in spam, too. Holding stuff in moderation helps – and you can make it as spam…hopefully someone/something will notice that. Spammers are always trying to out figure the system – guess it’s just life in blogland. They do seem to haunt older posts. Never ending battle ( and I wish we could control re-blogging – that’s another way spammers grab)

    1. Akismet does a great job. Just look at all the spam it stops that you don’t ever have to see or moderate. I just wish it would do the same for spam Likes and spam Follows. As for reblogging, don’t get me started. I’ve ranted enough about that already.

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