Trail Ridge Road opens on time

8 thoughts on “Trail Ridge Road opens on time”

  1. An impressive image mosaic PT, made even more impressive by all the very long poles sticking up in what I can only describe as “strategic looking” positions. Tell me, are they there for the truly mind-blowing reason I think they are?!?! 😯

    1. The poles are set up in the fall, before it starts snowing. They mark the edge of the road or other key points and are a good indicator of snow depth. Their primary purpose, though, is to keep the plows on the road in the spring. Whee! Here’s a pre-snow picture:
      That white car looks like mine, but I probably wouldn’t be going up if the sky looked like that. There’s not a lot of cover up there.

  2. What neat photos of the snow removal process! I read a book about 2 young ladies who spent the winter in one of the ranger cabins that used to sit on that south slope of Sundance Mt near where your photo was taken about the wind clearing the road. Could you imagine how snowy & windy that would be?? To ski down Trail Ridge to the old Hidden Valley runs to go to Estes, then having to hike back up the same way lugging supplies…. Guess living in the midwest with a good furnace isn’t so bad!

    1. I’m sure the park is spectacular in winter, but it’s always been a summer destination for me. Now that I live so close, I really need to get into the winter side of it. Never have been very big on “roughing it.” I’m kind of a soft city girl and was always the out-of-place flatlander when I arrived. Now I’m here, finally, but I’m old and fat. 🙁

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