Bravo, Gov. Christie

Photo: AP Photo/Mel Evans
Photo: AP Photo/Mel Evans

The news media are reporting that New Jersey Governor Chris Christie (R) had lap-band surgery in February and has lost approximately 40 pounds since then. Bravo, Governor!

Sure, we can assume he’s probably looking ahead to the 2016 presidential race. But more important is his stated reason of wanting to be around for his family. His extreme weight (est. 300-350 lbs.) has posed obvious health risks for a long time.

I’ve liked Christie since I first saw him in the news a few years ago. I like his no-nonsense approach, his willingness to knock heads together to get things done, his total disregard for party politics when his constituents need help. He’s blunt, outspoken, sometimes rude — stereotypically New Jersey — but you know he’s being honest. He doesn’t mince words or tiptoe around spouting politically correct platitudes.

Would I like him as president? I’m not sure; that New Jersey personality might get old really fast. And I don’t know that much about his record in NJ or how he interacts with his legislature or his positions on all the issues. Can he be tactful when necessary? Wouldn’t want him yelling at other national leaders and calling them “stupid,” etc. But I’m thinking I might like him in the White House, bringing back the days when a tough president knew how to play hardball with recalcitrant lawmakers. (That’s assuming I approved of most of what he was trying to do, of course.) He’s a Republican, but he’s a moderate who seems willing and able to stand up to conservatives.

In any case, I can’t help liking Gov. Christie and I wish him well in this latest effort to lose those dangerous extra pounds.

9 thoughts on “Bravo, Gov. Christie

  1. I like what I’ve seen from him too PT, buy it’s anyone’s guess what kind of president he’d make. I am sure his deciding to get his weight under control was a smart move…

  2. I don’t know much about him but he’s smart enough to know he needs to get his weight down – and is actually doing something about it. Other wise he wasn’t going to be around for his family as long as they’d like. Shows concern and practical insight. Hope he continues the program – it is possible to regain weight even with the band if he doesn’t follow the protocol. One step at a time

  3. My sentiments exactly. The media is making a big to-do about his surgery… reading in a possible prez run, like you said. But personally, I don’t care. I’m just glad he did it for whatever reason(s) he feels is necessary. Let the man lose weight in peace.

    I have mixed feelings about him as POTUS. I do like his style. And he’s one of the few Republicans I like. Actually, he may be the only Republican I like…. But he does have some points that I completely disagree with… but I can’t remember what they are! Ha!

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