Send your name to Mars with MAVEN

(Illustration: NASA)
(Illustration: NASA)

Space Geeks, here’s you chance to send your name, and possibly your haiku, to Mars. NASA’s MAVEN (Mars Atmosphere and Volatile Evolution) mission will launch in November and the public is invited to submit their names to be carried to the planet on a DVD. Every name submitted by July 1 will be included but only three of the haikus will be chosen. They will selected by the public in an online vote beginning July 15. To submit your name, visit Go to Mars with MAVEN. For more on the mission, see MAVEN News.

11 thoughts on “Send your name to Mars with MAVEN

        1. I would hope all schools get into this. I’ve never forgotten when, in grade school, I got to “buy” a bit of property on the middle star in Orion’s belt. I even got a deed!

          1. Sometimes educators lose sight of the big picture. Over emphasis on testing ( and linking teacher pay/employment to that) tends to change priorities.
            Cool – I know someone who owns property in space! What a great thing for a teacher to do

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