Month: June 2013

Storm chasing is not a game

Bear with me as I talk tornadoes. Again. I can’t help it. When you live most of your life in central Oklahoma, it’s vital to be interested in tornadoes. And apparently the interest doesn’t lessen when you move away. By now… Read More ›

Grandma plays Ingress

I was checking out my Ingress Intel map a few days ago and on the COMM I noticed the following remarks: “Anybody else hanging around?” “Nope, just an old lady and her dog.” Just an old lady!? For all they… Read More ›

Neener neener

Apparently the comment spammers occasionally take time to read what’s been said about them. (I wonder if their bosses know they’re goofing off like that?) Here’s a comment that Akismet was holding for me this morning: Don´t consider every nice… Read More ›