The wind at play

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    1. It’s not new, but I’d never seen it before and I think it’s stunning! I don’t imagine the farmer who spread all that cloth felt the same way, however.

      1. You keep calling the white stuff cloth, while it looks more like plastic sheets to me. I haven’t a clue at why a farmer would be spreading either one over his fields. Perhaps your thinking it’s cloth means you know what it there for???

      2. No, I’ve no idea what it is. It reminds me of the long streamers gymnasts dance with, or those hanging cloths that acrobats/dancers work with. Plastic probably makes more sense. Certainly cheaper. Covering crops or seedlings like that would probably create a sort of greenhouse effect and/or protect from late season freezes. But that’s just a guess.

  1. I love dust devils! They do look like they are playing.
    Here, farmers use long wraps over rows of crops for various reasons – to keep them warm in winter, the help seed sprout like a green house, to add shade sometimes, or to cover after turning soil to try and eliminate weeds before planting again. But the stuff apparently really needs to be staked down well.
    Great video!

    1. I’m so glad IzaakMak featured this or I’d have never seen it. And I think it’s just delightful (aside from feeling sorry for the farmer, that is).

  2. Interesting, and instructive of the capricious nature of weather and the butterfly effect. I at first thought the spiraling wind might be the result of uneven heating between forrest areas and plowed fields, but of course it is cloudy. That doesn’t eliminate all heating, infra-red does penetrate clouds, but looking at the sky I suspect a cold front is passing through. That would account for it. Interesting too that farmers are now this sufficiently technically equipped and motivated. My, how we’ve changed.

    1. A lot has changed since the days when we got stuck behind parades of combines crawling along narrow 2-lane highways between OKC and Denver in an un-air-conditioned car in July. And I think all parties are happy about it.

      Don’t know where this was filmed. The voice toward the end sounded French (?) to me.

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