Fluffy cows an oddity to city girl

This is Texas Tornado.

The story is several weeks old, but the “fluffy cows” are still just as cute. Apparently when a cow is fully, properly groomed for show, as in 4-H, this can be the result. Big surprise to yours truly, a city girl.

My first thought was it was either a breed of cattle I’d never seen before, or the picture was photoshopped. Evidently neither is true; it’s all grooming. It’s a seasonal thing, however, made possible by the cows’ longer winter coats.

The cattle are owned by Phil and Matt Lautner of Adel, Iowa. They drew so much attention on Reddit and Twitter that the Lautners set up a Facebook page, Fluffy Cows R Us.

How 4-H kids can raise and show their animals for a couple of years and then sell them for slaughter, I don’t know. I’d have made house pets of them before all was said and done.

Texas Tornado, however, is safe. He’s a bull, busily producing semen for the Lautners to sell.

That's Johnny Football on the left and Texas Tornado when he was younger.
That’s Johnny Football on the left and Texas Tornado when he was younger.

11 thoughts on “Fluffy cows an oddity to city girl

  1. They look like stuffed animals! Fulffy not stuffy.
    Now Colorado has even cuter cows.
    (Psst. cows make horrid pets. My sister-in-law bottle fed and abandoned calf…it lived in the house. Slept with dogs and cats….and grew and grew. It was a bull in the china shop. It wouldn’t stay outside – went through screendoors even if shut…cried if locked out. It was huge. Finally she sold it. I didn’t ask to whom….just like kittens, so cute…)
    Thanks for the biggest giggle today! great find

  2. We did have a short chuckle, farming rookies that we are, PT. Ha.
    We have wiry cows here. It never seems to cross anyone’s mind to brush them. I think the bull might have views on that.

    1. I’ve seen some with little waves and curls on their foreheads, but other than that, all I remember are smooth-coated “normal” looking cows. I suppose these fluffy cows are comparable to some of the overly coiffed dogs I see in dog shows.

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