Oblivious TV anchor airs racist joke as Asiana pilots’ names

When you finish saying/thinking “WTF!,” Huffington Post has the story on this. KTVU, a San Francisco TV station, aired this information, supposedly confirmed by the NTSB. It was. But the NTSB employee who confirmed it was a summer intern. Both KTVU and the NTSB have apologized.

How that woman read those names with a straight face is beyond me.

17 thoughts on “Oblivious TV anchor airs racist joke as Asiana pilots’ names

  1. Flash. This just in: the name of the summer intern at the NTSB who confirmed the Korean names was Ima Boredkid. She was not available for comment since she’s on her way back to Topeka. Already.

  2. Heard today that it was confirmed one of the deceased girls died due to be ran over by a first responder. Survive an airplane crash only to be killed by being ran over by a fire engine. Of course it is all completely accidental and I’m sure if the driver knows it was them, they feel horrible.

    1. I hope for the sake of the drivers that they never figure out for sure which vehicle it was. Those first responders work so hard to save people. I can’t imagine one of them learning he or she was directly responsible for that death.

      1. I watched Dateline last night and there was a story about a murder in Nantucket. Basically, a woman introduced what she thought would be “Mr Right” to her 44-year-old best friend. At first it seemed like it, but in a few short months, he stabbed her to death. I’m not sure how I’d be able to live with that knowledge if I did that to my best friend… aw heck, even my worst enemy.

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