Little girl fails Dandelions 101

There’s something irresistible about blowing the seeds off a dandelion seed head and watching them drift away on the breeze. Some say doing so makes wishes come true. This little girl tried valiantly but just couldn’t get the hang of it (apologies for the ads, but shorter versions don’t reflect her determination):

Incidentally, I just learned today that those fluffy seed heads are called “blowballs” or “clocks.” And a trick I learned in high school art class: stabilize and preserve the heads for dried flower arrangements by spraying them with hair spray before cutting the stems. Especially useful if you come across some of those spectacular 4″-5″ blowballs.

8 thoughts on “Little girl fails Dandelions 101

  1. Too cute! I was actually hoping she’d lick or sneeze on that blowball. She didn’t disappoint.

    By the way, my Italian grandparents used to go out into the yard and pick dandelion leaves for salads. You ever tried that? They are supposed to be very healthy, but yuck–they’re soooo bitter!

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