Unprecedented flooding along Colorado’s Front Range

24 thoughts on “Unprecedented flooding along Colorado’s Front Range”

  1. I guess this is the new reality: extreme weather. Floods, mudslides, record wildfires, cool summers, no hurricanes, drought. Goes with the politics, too. Extreme. Continuous religious wars. Chemical weapons. Oil boom. Natural gas boom. Middle East uncertainty. Flags seem permanently at half staff. Government shut-down threats. Russia lecturing us on human rights. Massive security leaks. Recall elections. Dead children in Newtown. Dead children in Syria. Help.

  2. Hope you’ve located brother. We’ve been getting pix forwarded from friends’ CU students since yesterday.
    Hard to see all the news when you know those streets and buildings
    Shiver. Dad always warned never sleep in canyons because of flash floods.
    Take care. And thanks (knew you’d come through)

  3. Let us know when you hear from brother….I’m going to kick in the pants for not calling you!!
    Glad you and your son are high and dry! Stay that way…and start building the ark!

    1. Yep, we’re all good. High and dry. I shouldn’t have mentioned the sun was shining, though. Now it’s clouding up again, getting ready for another round … 🙁

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