Denver: Here comes the rain again

Yet another rain storm looms above Denver on Friday, Sept. 13
This was the view at 4:28 pm. Click here for current view.

From a downtown Denver webcam that faces northwest, the ominous leading edge of our next big storm is obvious. It has been sunny all afternoon in north Denver, but at 4:30 pm we started getting new storm and flash flood warnings. The storm is currently dropping heavy rain and hail across south Denver, Aurora, and Centennial and is moving north into areas that have been battling flooding since Wednesday night. The current warning extends through 7 pm, and rain totals in some areas have already exceeded 4″.

Flooding in Aurora, Colo., Saturday afternoon. (Image: Sally Morton)
Flooding in Aurora Saturday afternoon. (Image: Sally Morton)
Hail in Aurora, Colo., clogged storm drains and made the Sept. 13 flooding worse.
Hail in Aurora clogged storm drains and made the flooding worse.

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