The Beatles do Abbey Road medley – vocals only

I‘m a newcomer to videos that isolate the voices of singers, and I just heard one of Britney Spears that made me wince. A lot. But there was a link to this one from the Beatles and all I can say is … Wow! These guys were even better than I thought they were. And I thought they were the greatest.

If you haven’t heard this before (and even if you have) crank up the volume and enjoy the masters at work.

Update: It’s regrettable that a DMCA takedown notice filed against Google caused this video to disappear from every available source just hours after I found it. It had been widely available for about six weeks before the takedown.

17 thoughts on “The Beatles do Abbey Road medley – vocals only

        1. You know how much I love posting music on my blog PT, particularly the older stuff, but I really hate it when I revisit a post and find the video has been yanked. It’s not like I’m making money from posting them, and I’d think the litigious, bean-counting, SOBs would see it as free advertisement rather than some kind of threat!

          1. But when the “free advertising” is 16 minutes of something that could be sold … I can see their side of it. Doesn’t mean I’m not frustrated that the video was taken down.

        1. I hate that the longer one was taken down. Maybe the guy who did it will break it up into more little pieces like this one (same guy did both) and they won’t be taken down. Or maybe this one will be gone soon …

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