Idiots at work in Goblin Valley

You’ve probably seen this by now. Boy Scout leaders pushing over one of the rock formations in Goblin Valley, Utah. You know, one of those dirty old sandstone formations that are … say … 200 million years old, give or take. By all means, let’s see if we can push one over!! Heh, heh. Ain’t we cool? The men face possible felony charges for destroying a protected landmark in a state park.

Their story, now that they’ve been stupid enough to get caught because they posted a video of their little stunt on YouTube, is that they were concerned the rock might fall or blow over on a passing child. Considering the big fat dude had to really put his shoulder into it to push it over, it seems unlikely it would have fallen accidentally.

What a sorry example these “leaders” have set for their young charges. What a sorry example they are of the kind of people in this country who wantonly destroy things — irreplaceable in this case — just for kicks.

I hope they throw the book at these guys. Make an example of them. Strip them of all scouting positions. And ban them forever from all state and national parks and monuments.

Update: The man behind the camera is Dave Hall. Glenn Taylor is the one who topples the boulder while his son watches and cheers. The trio has received more than 100 death threats over the Internet since posting their video.

From the Salt Lake Tribune:

In the day since the event became global news, Hall said he’s learned “state parks and national parks are very, very sacred to a lot of people. And that there is a right way and wrong way to handle a dangerous situation in the park. And it is not to take it into your own hands. It is to find someone in authority and let them be the one who does it.”

While the video does not show the lengthy deliberations, he said, “the summary of our conversation is caught right after the rock came down. What’s the very first thing I say? I say a little kid could have walked right here and been crushed to death. This is all about saving lives, one rock at a time.”

Oddly enough, I’ve always assumed Boy Scout leaders would be among the first to teach young people about the purpose and importance of parks and how to behave in them. These guys were actually leading a group of scouts when they did this!

Update, Oct. 21: Seems ol’ rock toppler Taylor filed a disability claim just last month. He sure doesn’t look disabled, does he?

Update, Oct. 22: Bozo and Clarabell have been stripped of their leadership roles with the scouts, it was announced yesterday. A statement issued by the Utah National Parks Council of the BSA did not name Glenn Taylor and David Hall but it said, “based on the actions of the individuals involved with the Goblin Valley incident, the Utah National Parks Council has removed them from their leadership positions in the Boy Scouts of America.” Shortly after the Utah National Parks Council announcement, the BSA issued its own statement, adding that the two men “are no longer members of BSA.”

Goblin Valley State Park, Utah
Goblin Valley State Park, Utah
Three Sisters hoodoos, Goblin Valley, Utah
Three Sisters hoodoos, Goblin Valley, Utah

10 thoughts on “Idiots at work in Goblin Valley

  1. It doesn’t seem as funny now, but I had tried making a joke linking the scout leadership’s homophobia to a broader philosophical breakdown in the sense of decency of those who follow them… 😳

    1. Well, whatever the reason, these jerks definitely displayed a breakdown of concern and respect for the land. In addition to not being “morally straight” about this, they have violated their Outdoor Code which says in part: “Be considerate in the outdoors. Be conservation minded.”

    1. I did hear late last night that the Scouts have stripped them of their leadership positions. I hope that included banning them from scouting altogether (haven’t read up on that yet). Wouldn’t want them anywhere near impressionable young people.

  2. I’m sitting here, still, after reading this, with my shoulders frozen in the same position they were in when I started reading this. Looking at that idiot’s face, you can tell how proud he is of himself. This is just sickening….where are all the idiots coming from??????????????????? Next thing you know, he’ll be voted into office.
    (I’m glad to see that he’s learning a BIG lesson)

    1. Shhh, don’t give him any ideas. We have enough bozos running for office these days. And yes, it’s scary and depressing to think how many Americans are just like this.

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