Recommendation for your Saturday reading

Mark your calendars. Or just subscribe. To Ronni Bennett’s blog, Time Goes By. In general it’s a blog about aging issues and that may or may not be your cup of tea. But every Saturday she publishes a collection of “Interesting Stuff” that she’s come across or that readers have sent to her. And I guarantee you will always — always — find something of interest.

It’s all I can do every week not to filch her stuff, and I confess that at times I have been weak. I have borrowed from her. Today I’m going to borrow one more item, one that’s been around a while, and refer you to her blog for the other topics — among them nature photography, gun deaths, Bob Dylan, and some humor about a homophobic tattoo.

This video of a film crew working in British Columbia was first posted on YouTube last January, so you might already have seen it. More than 16 million people have.

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