Enough about Phil Robertson


I‘m still scratching my head over the ongoing Phil Robertson uproar. The star of TV’s “Duck Dynasty” made some blunt, tasteless, ignorant remarks about gays several days ago. And the media can’t stop talking about it.

Well, duh. What did they expect from a man like that? A poorly educated redneck living in the backwoods of Louisiana. An ultra conservative, take-the-Bible-literally kind of guy.

Okay, that’s my own snooty, elitist inner bigot speaking. I’ll be the first to admit it. I’ve never watched the show and know nothing about Robertson. I figured two kinds of people would watch that show — those who are like Robertson, and those who watch so they can point, snicker, and ridicule people like Robertson. I’m not in either category, and it’s disappointing to me that the show is the most viewed reality show on the air right now.

But come on. What’s with all the faux shock and outrage? Of course it’s the politically correct response, but enough already. Surely the man’s opinions don’t come as much of a surprise to anyone. Sudden wealth and stardom do not automatically confer good taste, social awareness, education, or open-mindedness. They don’t erase bigotry and ignorance.

Like it are not, there are millions of Phil Robertsons in this country. So let’s stop acting like we didn’t know it until now, and move on. Obviously we still have a long way to go.

13 thoughts on “Enough about Phil Robertson

  1. I think you said what I was thinking. We cannot ridicule people for who they are. He is who he is and who am I to say that what he believes is wrong. All I can say is I do not feel the way he does. Time to move forward. I meet people like him daily. I am not shock.

    Time to move forward, people! Move forward!

  2. On the other hand, apparently his supporters are shrieking about unsubbing from A&E, which means they will also be losing Fox News. There’s a funny picture on FB about this, congratulating A&E for making America smarter one angry conservative at a time. 😀

    1. Let them unsub. Out here though, Fox has its own channel, so they’ll still have their “news.” They might, however, lose the gator hunters and the bootleggers. Those are real highbrow fare.

  3. Well said PT. I was thinking pretty much the same things myself. If anything, I think “sudden wealth and stardom” just works to reinforce the stupid beliefs people have. Which, of course, also serves the media’s need for “outrage” to exploit…

    1. Sure, any time you reward behavior, you’re reinforcing it. Robertson got rich being exactly what he is. Why would he change? Kinda horrifying when you think about Honey Boo Boo …

  4. I don’t watch the show either, and I haven’t read the article, so knowing how the media tends to edit and tailor their versions of the story, it’s hard to comment. There is a large number of “common” people that are like this family or have roots like this family.
    But there is a concern: if these are his beliefs, he does have a right to say them.
    Diversity and accepting others doesn’t just mean accepting those who believe in like you do. You can’t have it both ways
    Either respect all opinions or stop saying you do. (Anti-abortionists: why do you refuse to accept the belief by some cultures/religions/people that ending pregnancy is acceptable? Pro abortionists: why do you refuse to accept the beliefs by some /cultures/religions/people that ending a pregnancy is wrong.)
    We need to get back to agree to disagree and go ahead and be friends and civil to each other.
    Choices. Turn it off. Don’t give things you don’t like any attention – or money.
    (Mindless ignorant over the top reality shows seem to be everywhere – what does that say about people?)
    Eventually things change.
    AE is all about money – nothing else. We’ll see who they feel is the bigger consumer group…interesting they are still planning to show the show – not really surprising. AE’s motivations are the bigger issues.

    1. Reality shows in general are all about money. They are much cheaper to produce than good scripted, acted shows and for that reason alone I’m afraid they’ll continue to proliferate.

      And I agree with you that the duck dudes are just as entitled to their opinions as anyone else. I’m still just speechless over the furor.

  5. A very ignorant backwards fool and there are a lot like him out there. What he said is the true epitome of ignorance. However, that having been said, our country has been built on the freedom of speech. I don’t agree with A&E banning him from the show. Possibly if he has said that while on Duck Dynasty, but he didn’t. Put the “patriarch” back on the show and move on. Let them wallow in their ignorant bliss that has made them millions of dollars (now that makes me so sick – as does Honey Booboo… what has our country gotten to?)

    1. The networks discovered a huge, previously untapped market of people like Robertson, Honey Boo Boo, the crocodile hunters, and the bootleggers. Those people have always been out there and probably always will be. Sad that so much of the country is still so ignorant. Maybe someday we’ll find a way to educate everyone.

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