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Peek at entries in Sony World Photography 2014 competition

Although controlled, this shot was not prepared at all. The photographer was performing a workshop with the agalychnis callidryas treefrog from Costa Rica when the frog managed to jump to the branch where a huge titan was sleeping. (Nicolas Reusens Boden, Sweden, Entry, Open Nature & Wildlife, 2014 Sony World Photography Awards)

This photograph by Nicolas Reusens Boden, Sweden, is one of the early entries in the Nature and Wildlife category of Sony’s 2014 World Photography Awards. Photographers have about a month left to submit their best work.

In this seventh year of the international competition, the overall winner will receive $25,000 and winners of each of 15 categories will receive Sony equipment. Winners will be announced April 20 in London.

A gallery of the submissions to date is available on the World Photography Organisation’s website, although it is not set up for easy viewing. One must look through hundreds of thumbnails and then click on them to see larger images.

The images shown here (click for larger views) and several others are featured on The Weather Channel website in a more viewer-friendly slideshow format.

This close up was taken in Sydney, Australia at the Toronga Zoo in Sydney Harbor. (Cory Kipa, New Zealand, Entry, Open Nature & Wildlife, 2014 Sony World Photography Awards)
This photo was taken at the Paint Festival in Novorossiysk, Russia, on Aug. 31, 2013. (Igor Kryzhko, Russia, Entry, Open Smile, 2014 Sony World Photography Awards)
This picture was taken in Omo Valley, Ethiopia. (Carlos Duarte, Spain, Entry, Open People, 2014 Sony World Photography Awards)
A subway station at the main station in Duisburg, Germany. (Holger Schmidtke, Germany, Entry, Open Architecture, 2014 Sony World Photography Awards)
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