Lip Reading the NFL: ‘I’d kill for a cookie’

I first came across the Bad Lip Reading videos back in 2012 during the presidential campaign. Then I forgot about them. My loss. They managed to continue without me, and among those I missed were two featuring the NFL. A local news report showed one today because Peyton Manning, Denver’s Super Bowl–bound quarterback is in it. But these are funny no matter which team you support.


12 thoughts on “Lip Reading the NFL: ‘I’d kill for a cookie’

        1. I have very mixed feelings about the game. I’m not a huge Broncos fan generally, but I do love Peyton Manning and feel like this is, by rights, his year. On the other hand, my son has been a diehard Seahawks fan since they joined the league, and it’s essential to his happiness that they win.

          1. Would you blame it? It’s from the NW coast. It’s probably never experienced weather like NY is having. But it sure is a long flight from there to the nearest warm weather!

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