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Maps, maps, and more maps

The Internet is wonderfully, gloriously map crazy. There was one on the Huffington Post today, that sent me via a link to another site that had a bunch of maps, and then more links to more maps. Chances are you’ve seen some of these. All of them fascinating.  Most can be enlarged by clicking on them. Some require two clicks for max size.

Antarctica superimposed over the United States. Big, isn’t it?:

Pangea with modern political borders added:

Most famous brand in each state. Interesting. I agree with Sonic in Oklahoma. I think Coca Cola should have been in Georgia, and Colorado should feature Coors Beer:

Who smokes the most cigarettes (annual per capita)?

There are more people living inside the circle than outside of it:

What each country leads the world in. Good thing this one is BIG. This may be my favorite:

Map of where cannabis is legal. Looks like the world has a way to go on this:

The United States superimposed on the moon. Interesting, if accurate. Not sure what I expected here:

Annual hours of sunshine in Europe and the United States. Hmm, US hasn’t looked much like this recently:

Ever wondered how big the Pacific Ocean is?

Land on earth where there is also land on the other side. And to think as a kid I tried to dig to China:

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