Midway — Message from the Gyre (video)

A short film both beautiful and unutterably sad:

[vimeo http://vimeo.com/25563376%5D

From Midway Film, producers of the feature film Midway.

19 thoughts on “Midway — Message from the Gyre (video)

    1. I’ve known about the gyre and its consequences for years, but this particular presentation, which is several years old, tells the story with a beautiful, brutal simplicity I’ve not seen before.

  1. Intensely moving. It reminds me of evolution’s context, which is different from what it would be if evolution were some kind of design force furnished by some purpose-driven creator. It isn’t. Evolution is what happens, cause to effect and as variable as a butterfly’s path.

    Life started in the oceans some 600 million years ago in the Cambrian explosion and has been evolving naturally and logically ever since. Until, that is, the process produced about 250,000 years ago (4 hundredths of 1% of the 600 million) something brand new, human beings with self-awareness and abstract thought.

    We humans have moved quickly. About 10,000 years ago we discovered agriculture, and then again in the present millennium, writing and industrialism. Humanity’s very, very recent arrival on our blue dot is a sharp break with the previous vast stretch of time. Evolution’s natural progress has snapped, as this beautiful film captures so well. Now that we are here, nature will no longer determine life’s future, nor even that of the weather. Now it’s up to us.

    1. I wasn’t aware of your personal blog a year ago or I’d have seen that post.

      Even here we’re very aware that non-biodegradable litter on a remote mountain trail has the potential to end up in the ocean, posing a threat to wildlife along its entire route. It all goes downhill, and the ocean gyres are end of the line.

      1. You’re so welcome my friend. You know I always try to come by, but my back’s been hurting so bad lately that I can manage sitting at my desk only for short periods… 😳

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