Super Bowl XLVIII: Can’t lose, can’t win

29 thoughts on “Super Bowl XLVIII: Can’t lose, can’t win”

  1. I’m going for the Broncos. I think Peyton is a good guy. But honestly I’d just like to see my Eagles once in the Superbowl, other than in a video game.

      1. He was obnoxiously cocky and predicted the Jets would win. And they did. I didn’t much like his bragging, but hey, if you can back it up …

    1. Peyton is a great guy, on and off the field. You can’t not like him. A true gentleman and one helluva smart player. I know how you feel about the Eagles, though. A lot like my son and I and the Seahawks. Gotta keep the faith!

      1. I feel kinda sorry for Peyton. It would have been a great way for him to end the season. And he probably doesn’t have many more in him. But he did win MVP, etc., the day before. Still, I’m so happy for the Seahawks and my son I can hardly stand it.

    1. Nope, you’re off the hook. I’d be equally happy if the Seahawks win. And I’d be thrilled for all those fans in Seattle. What a kick being part of the 12th Man and rocking that stadium. And of course my son would be absolutely delirious.

      1. It was a thing of beauty, although maybe kind of boring if you weren’t a fan. The Super Bowl was really panned in the past for lopsided games.

    1. It is. I hate it. It would have been so much easier if just one or the other team had made it. Maybe in successive years. Maybe this year’s loser will come back and win next year.

  2. Yours is a fair assessment, PT. I feel much the same way, although I have to say I will be disappointed if Manning doesn’t pull it out, for all the reasons you say. If Seattle loses, I won’t feel the pangs so much, probably because I don’t know as much about them. I do know, however, that the Seahawks’ coach, Pete Carroll, seems to be one of the better ones, low key. I like that.

    I hope our expectations aren’t too high. This match-up seems too good to be true. 🙂

    1. I’ll be disappointed too if Manning doesn’t win. But Seattle has never won a Super Bowl. If not now, when?? And yes, Carroll seems like a real gentleman. I worried he might be too “nice” for the NFL but obviously I worried for nothing.

      Frankly, I don’t know what my expectations are. A complete blow-out wouldn’t be as much fun to watch but it’s okay if your team wins. Of course, I don’t want to see either of these teams lose that way.

  3. Seattle has the best logo – and a cool mascot. Denver is a real football town and they love their team. I like them both – so it’s win- win and I’ll actually watch the game this year…besides it’s raining and the temps are dropping again…(Have you seen the audi commercial with the dobie/dachsund dog? hilarious…if you talked about it in a previous post – I’m reading backwards….sucker for dogs )

    1. Definitely Seattle has the best logo. And the best colors in the entire NFL. My son pointed out that the Super Bowl logo this year is in Seattle’s colors and he takes that as a good omen. I feel sorry for him having to go to work in this town. Not easy being a Seattle fan in an office in Denver.

      I’ve seen clips of the commercial. Guess I’ve got no sense of humor. I was more repulsed than amused by Frankendog. I do like the puppy with the Budweiser clydesdales, though.

      1. No it’s an odd commercial – but the personality of the creature is so much like some small mixed pit bulldogs around here…I like it crashing into the trash cans because it can’t stop when chasing the kid on the trike. Maybe it’s sad that the monsters are a little real here.
        You are so right about it being hard to be another team’s fan in Denver.

  4. Your feelings are almost am exact match to mine PT. I would’ve loved to see Peyton get that 2nd ring, but I can’t help but be happy for Russell Wilson finally getting his due. Besides, I’ve been a secret Seahawk fan since the days of Steve Largent! 😀

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