Stensland newsletter brings surprise

Estes Park, Colorado, on the morning of October 12, 2013. Photo by Erik Stensland. Used with permission.

I got my quarterly newsletter today from Erik Stensland, my favorite Rocky Mountain National Park photographer. It reminded me of something I’d forgotten, probably because I don’t use Facebook. Stensland has a Facebook page. D’oh! All this time I’ve been watching his gallery website, enjoying new photos there whenever he posts them, but totally overlooking his Facebook page and the many, many more photos he posts there! (Videos, too.) A treasure trove of Stensland photos.

The photo above is one I picked off the Facebook page. Stensland describes it:

Here’s a quick shot of Estes Park, CO this morning. As the sun rose and lit the peaks, the clouds were breaking and giving way to blue sky. There’s not a breath of wind out there which is really a treat. On the way to get this shot I passed a couple of herds of deer and elk wandering through town. Looks like it’s going to be a magnificent day up here for the opening of Rocky Mountain National Park and our big sale of the year!

Just a “quick shot,” he says. Well, that’s why he’s the professional and I’m just a fan. At least we can both enjoy this town, this beautiful one-of-a-kind place, and these spectacular mountains.

To see what Stensland can produce when he’s after more than just a quick shot, see his website and Facebook page.

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