That beautiful Sochi rainbow quilt


There’s a lot about the Sochi Olympics to criticize, but these designs aren’t among them. Not for me, anyway. I love these intricate quilt patterns that are being used in every conceivable way in Sochi. I love the colors and the diamond pieces that appear either massed or scattered like ice shards … or diamonds. Either way, I love the result. Wherever they appear — buildings, flags, athlete’s uniforms and bibs — these bright, intricate patterns catch my eye. The one with purple tones is my favorite, but they’re all beautiful. I’d love to own something, perhaps a jacket, featuring these patterns and colors.

The pointed shapes represent the mountains around Sochi. Each piece in the quilt features a traditional design from one of Russia’s 89 regions, identified in a key on the designer’s website. The site also displays official sportswear incorporating the tapestry pattern. (There’s a nifty little arrow at the bottom that turns all the models around so you can see the backs of the clothing.) And yes, there are some gorgeous jackets. A quick conversion of rubles to dollars ($500+) tells me that I’ve no business looking at them.

There’s irony in Russia’s choice of these rainbow hues for their Olympic Games, coming as they do after the government’s crackdown on its gay community. But that can’t change their beauty. And the bright joy they bring to Sochi’s Olympic venues.


8 thoughts on “That beautiful Sochi rainbow quilt

  1. I think the patterns are beautiful too PT. I also agree that the choice of the rainbow effect is ironic. I just hope the kids will come away from their Olympic experience with better memories than of just being pawns for politicians and product pushers…

  2. I’m reminded of the trope about starving artists. Russia has long been creative – Tolstoy, the Bolshoi ballet, Dostoyevsky, Tchaikovsky, etc. Is creativity is inversely proportional to suffering. ??

    1. Russia certainly seems to have more than its share of the world’s great artists. Maybe it’s just those long, cold winters keeping everyone inside. Unless you count that as part of the suffering.

  3. These are beautiful. The colors punctuate the white snow. – humans will put together colorful things despite hardship, lack of materials, or brutal weather – joy and expression will creep out no matter what. Patchwork really is symbolic of human spirit? Wish I could afford/needed a coat – hope the artists/craftsmen get some of the benefits.

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