CO Dems fold on bill protecting women’s health rights

Colorado State Capitol
Colorado State Capitol

I’m deeply disappointed to report that the proposed legislation to protect Colorado women’s rights to privacy and reproductive health care, including contraception and abortion, was spiked today. By the Democrats. The same party that proposed it.

In case you didn’t see the comment I added to the previous post, here it is:

I’m deeply disappointed. Today the Democrats, including Sen. Kerr, decided to spike the bill rather than engage in what was expected to be a heated debate of the bill. Bunch of cowards! Surely they didn’t expect otherwise. Kerr knew the minute he put pen to paper that the bill would be fought tooth and nail. All this accomplished was giving the anti-woman pro-lifers another victory to crow about. And they didn’t even have to fight for this one.

The Dems claim they had to do it because the Republicans would have fought the bill to the end of the current session, preventing any action on other important legislation. They didn’t realize this before introducing the bill? Better the bill had never been introduced at all than to give the GOP extremists this victory.

I think I’m going to cry myself to sleep tonight.

18 thoughts on “CO Dems fold on bill protecting women’s health rights

  1. Don’t oh don’t Susan – because you know in your heart they’re ALL a bunch of miserable bastards. We are all faced with the dilemma of who we actually want to be governing us for this reason: each lot is about as bad as the other lot, at times. You have to continue to do what we Labor supporters do Downunder: just keep hoping that SOMETHING will change, while knowing that no matter what shits they prove themselves to be, at least they can’t possibly be as bad, as totally BEASTLY, as the Republicans/Liberal Party …They’re all unreliable shits, yes: but one lot is worse than the other, and that’s it.

    1. My fault for getting my hopes up. I should have known that when politicians are involved, nothing’s going to turn out all right. They always find a way to screw things up.

      1. I think that must be added to a list of quotes somewhere:
        Put it in yer header. [grin]

  2. That really is disappointing. So much for standing up for what they believe in.
    But take heart; I believe things will change … not as soon as we’d like, unfortunately, but they will. We just have to keep hope alive.

    1. Things changed in 1973 with the Roe v. Wade decision. The wingnuts have been working hard ever since to bring it down, one bite at a time. I thought finally someone was doing something positive to stand up to them.

  3. One of the reasons I never vote for Democrats or Republicans is because there isn’t a dimes worth of difference between them. Libertarians never condone the initiation of coercive force. Never. Not the real ones anyway.

  4. You are right would have been better to not bring it up…now aaaaallllll we are going to hear is how it got nowhere. Cowards.
    Open debate is the founding principle of this country…of course you have to have principles. (and not see politics as a life long career)

  5. Despite being on the “right side” of most issues IMHO, the Democrats have never been much for “strategic forward thinking.” And it’s that lack that’s keeping the dingbats in the game…

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