Alpine Visitor Center webcam link fixed

The Alpine Visitor Center as it looked on March 8, 2014. The webcam is positioned on the far side of the middle building.
The Alpine Visitor Center as it looked on March 8, 2014. The webcam is positioned on the far side of the middle building. Click photo for current webcam view.

It’s an endless task, as all bloggers know, trying to keep all one’s links up to date. Other people make changes as often as we do and the result is broken links on our blogs. I hate broken links. I don’t like encountering them elsewhere and I don’t like for my visitors to encounter them here. (If visitors would report broken links, I’d do my best to fix them. But nobody ever does.) I particularly hate when a link was to something really good, important, or relevant, and without it, my post is meaningless. (In those cases, of course, if I’d just stolen the material in full to begin with … )

Anyway, when I discovered this morning that one of my most popular links was broken (thanks for nothing, National Park Service), I set about to fix it. The link in question is to the webcam at the Alpine Visitor Center (elev. 11,796 ft.) on Rocky Mountain National Park’s Trail Ridge Road. And so far I’ve found and fixed about eight different instances of it. (WordPress bloggers can search for a specific link — or just about anything else on their blog or in their comments — by going to their dashboard and selecting Omnisearch from the menu on the left.)

So, my apologies to the person or persons who came by looking for the Alpine Visitor Center webcam (several, apparently, since the post is currently on the bestsellers list). The broken links have been fixed. However, the webcam is not yet up for the season. Trail Ridge Road normally opens on or about Memorial Day, and the webcam doesn’t go live until somebody can get to it. The photo above shows what the crews are up against this year, described as an “epic” snow year. Below is what road clearing looked like last year after a relatively light winter.

Trail Ridge snow removal 2013
This is the clearing of Trail Ridge Road last year — a lean snow year. This winter’s snowpack has been described as epic, so the road may open later than usual. (Image: Colorado Department of Transportation)

12 thoughts on “Alpine Visitor Center webcam link fixed

  1. I would ! I would ! I ALWAYS let people know about broken links. But come to think of it, that’s possibly th busybody part of my character …? 😉

    1. So much snow still between us and Trail Ridge. I keep wondering how the ranger who took the top picture got up there. Snowshoes? Skis? Snowmobile? Helicopter?

        1. Me too! I wanted to live in Estes and be, if not a ranger, then a volunteer of some kind in the park. I’d still like to be a volunteer who hands out information and answers questions at headquarters or maybe at one of the entrances. But I’d have to live in Estes to be close enough to do it every day.

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